Following my visit to the Becher’s exhibition I explored presenting the series which I had cut to 9 images for a linear presentation also as a grid presentation. I shared this with my tutor and we had an interesting discussion around its possibilities. I said that although I found it interesting I was concerned that viewers wouldn’t linger on each image in the same way as if they were presented lineally. She suggested that I present both as possible gallery plans, to be used depending on the space available.

This is what I first presented to her:




This sequence is the same as for my linear presentation. My tutor pointed out to me to look at the images when presented as a grid differently, mainly as a composition in itself, and gave me these tips:

  • Organise the images so as to keep the eyes within the composition; place the darker images at the bottom to send the eyes upwards again and place images at the 4 corners of the grid that nudge the eyes inwards.
  • Mix up the darker and lighter images.
  • Don’t make the gaps between the images too small and ensure that they are even

As a response to this this is how I propose to sequence my images if in a 3 by 3 grid:




I am really interested now in the way that rearranging images affects both the reading and the meaning of the images and the series and will be researching this an art and perception further.