Demonstration of technical and visual skills

  • Attunement with this landscape was vital in this project. I was initially attracted to the railway bridge by its architecture, the curvatures, the brickwork (decorative and constructive) but then drawn to the way organic elements have altered it. Certainly when I was photographing passer-by’s were stopping to look at what I was seeing and some were surprised, I hope the same happens when my images are viewed.
  • I think I could have heightened this either by photographing in closer detail or cropping in closer.
  • My tutor suggested photographing more images straight on and I realised that I naturally seem to shoot at an angle; so I reshot trying to achieve this which I do think enhances the realism and gives a more contemporary look.
  • The low light conditions were a challenge so I had to work with a tripod which presented a challenge in terms of obtaining the perspective I wanted.
  • I learnt a lot about working with different qualities of natural light but looking at the finished prints I realise that I have a way to go to achieve the clarity that I would have liked.
  • I challenged myself to print my own images for the first time but am at the very beginning of my learning journey on this skill.

Quality of outcome

  • When editing I kept referring back to my intention to show beauty often not observed in this place.
  • I chose to lead the viewer into the landscape by setting out the location and taking them deeper into it. By then giving a mid-range location shot flowed by a closer up detail I’m not sure whether I have given the viewer too much information and would have been better to just have given isolated details as more of a puzzle. My dilemma came because both the mid-range and the close up shots appeared beautiful to me.
  • I hope that I have communicated my idea well with the series, by the images, titles and sequencing but fear that I spent so much time at the bridge and photographing that I am too close to the work myself still.

Demonstration of creativity

  • At the end of level 1 I said that I wanted to continue my own way of looking and I think I have done this in this work. My subject matter would not generally be considered beautiful and yet I hope that by capturing and isolating details I have shared its visual appeal.
  • I experimented a lot with light and perspective to achieve these images.
  • I had a strong visual strategy, and would like the viewers to feel like they have been drawn in to share surprise in these details but I’m not sure whether I’ve achieved this.


  • Lead by the coursework and tutor suggestions my research has been fairly broad. I have thought about how other’s work and conventions have influenced me and this work. Whilst the work is in the modernist tradition of realism and clarity I hope that my images also express the warmth and interest that that I developed for this landscape.
  • In my reflective piece I identified the influence of Stieglitz, Weston and Brassai along with contemporary photographers such as Jem Southam and Robert Adams.
  • I am trying when reading/researching to give my personal response to a piece of work or idea but still need to be gutsier with this and flag up links to any earlier learning.