Once again I’ve been so busy beavering away that I’ve forgotten to post in this journal. The past 10 days I’ve been mainly photographing roundabouts for assignment 2. More about this process in my learning log:

This has culminated in me sharing my work at two groups. Firstly the Thames Valley OCA Group (17.2.19). There were only 5 of us present and no tutor this time but it was useful to share each other’s work. One member has just started landscape, and One has just finished. More about this in my write up:

Tonight I also participated in an OCA Landscape hangout. I’d revised my assignment 2 draft images slightly so it was good to get feedback on this and from other colleagues, again more in my learning log. It was also interesting to hear and discuss other parts of the landscape course with those in a different part of the course. Most especially tips for further reading and ways to present work.

I’ve also visited two photographic exhibitions, this time because my family wanted to see them, but the Don McCullin exhibition at the Tate Britain was definitely on my list anyhow– write up to follow later. My son enjoyed the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition, but I was disappointed to find that this year they’ve removed the landscape category.

I’ve also added a Spyder Pro to my kit to calibrate my screen and have printed my draft images. I think the colours are better than my assignment one attempt and I have managed to create useful borders around the images this time but I still have some work to do to improve the brightness of the prints. It’s a journey me thinks!


Well I’ve been beavering away on coursework and research for part two and realised that I’ve not posted anything in my landscape journal for a while.

I’ve been continuing my work on assignment six, and though I had written off my 2nd location, I’ve brought it back into play now; as I discover more landscape photographers (Paul Seawright who my suggested is particularly inspiring) and am gaining an understanding of the broadness of the area, my creative juices are flowing now on this location (the British Legion building), so I’ll run both locations for a while longer to keep my options open.

I attended a study day on the 12th of January: LIVING WITH BUILDINGS – HEALTH AND ARCHITECTURE Welcome Foundation with the tutor Jane Taylor. I found the exhibition very thought provoking and enjoyed the multi discipline attendance and approach to it – I too would like to attend more study days with a “thematic “ approach; I think it encourages you to see things from a new perspective and think outside of the box. I believe it will be very relevant to my work in assignment 3 so will post my complete write on my blog after I have completed assignment two, but for now my takeaways from the exhibition are:

  • The impact of lived audio accounts as opposed to documentary evidence.
  • A more open consideration of “place”, trying not to make assumptions and pre-judge by my experiences.
  • Areas of further research.
  • The benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to study days and working.
  • To use the above in my practice, which is especially pertinent whilst I am studying Landscape, and possibly to return to some of the ideas particularly when addressing my assignment 3 “How space becomes a place”.

I’ve begun some exploratory work for assignment 2 and hope to complete the shooting next week


So I’m back from my travels in India. Before I went I had nearly finished assignment 1, so I have used the time that I was a way to begin the reading for part 2. Indeed my travels were useful as I completed many journeys during them…but more on that in my coursework.

I have reviewed my final images for assignment 1 and re-shot a couple I felt that I was missing. I now just have to complete the reflective writing and take the plunge to print my first photographs on my own printer!

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