Exercise 5.5: Create a slideshow

Look at some of the audio-visual slideshows on the websites listed above. Make some notes about particular works of interest, considering how they are edited, sequenced and how audio is used with images. Note down your own personal observations. Whether or not you intend to present your photographs for Assignment Five as an audio- visual piece, suppose for this exercise that you will. Familiarise yourself with any basic slideshow- or video-making software and compile an edit of your work, experimenting with transitions, text and music and/or sound effects. Save your work so that your tutor and/or an assessor can view this if necessary.

Write a brief evaluation of your work, commenting on how appropriate and effective you think this medium is for presenting your photographs. 

(Alexander, p166, 2013)

My process of creating a slideshow

I returned to the views that had been shared with me at my recent google hangout:

I was also able to ask what programs people found best to construct slideshows and we had quite a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of slideshows, books and prints. The consensus was to use Microsoft PowerPoint or light room; though the sound is good in light room and not so good in PowerPoint. It was also suggested creating straight from WordPress if no audio needed and want viewers to click themselves. (post link or date).

I decided to try a micro soft PowerPoint using the same images that I’d used for my photo book mock up. I haven’t made a PowerPoint for years so had to re-familiarise myself with all the controls and options. I learnt how to load the images, sequence them and add animations and transitions. I have discovered that I don’t enjoy the distraction of audio on slide shows so I haven’t added any. I have never used Vimeo before so had to open a free account so that I could use that as a platform for my slide show. I then found that I needed to convert the slide show to a video in Micro-soft word so that it would load to Vimeo. It was a useful learning curves and one I will explore more including making a slide show with lightroom, when I need to make a slide show.

Please find below the link to my slide show, however please be aware that the images used were just for this test run and are not of my usual standard!


Alexander, J. (2013) Photography 2: Landscape. Barnsley. Open College of the Arts