Exercise 5.4: Online exhibitions

An online audio-visual piece doesn’t necessarily have to be the piece of art in itself, but may simply be part of the ‘presence’ of the work, put together to promote it, possibly to coincide with an exhibition or publication, or to help generate interest more speculatively. This post by Sharon Boothroyd on WeAreOCA discusses a piece of work that is particularly relevant both to our discussions on contemporary landscape photography and the slideshow format.

 The sequence in question was designed to be the exhibition. Read the post and if you have any comments of your own, add them and include a link in your learning log. source=Tutors+by+subject&utm_campaign=c3af55c4bf-E_bulletin_4_ October_2012&utm_medium=email         

(Alexander, p166, 2013)

 The link above no longer works but I hope that I’ve accessed the right work here:

Adams, A. (2012) Looking at the Land — 21st Century American Views. At: (Accessed on 26 November 2019)

The focus of this work is a survey of American Landscape photography from 1865 to 2012, Adams says “if there is a dominant theme in the show it is probably the absurd juxtaposition of nature and culture” (Looking at the Land From the Comfort of Home, 2019)

My comments:

  • The presentation is 18 minutes long; it presents images of 21st century America by various photographers.
  • I would have preferred the captions to be a little more discreet and lower down the page so that they don’t distract my eye from the images.
  • I would have preferred some control on how long I have to view the images, some I would have liked to spend more time on.
  • I do like that there is no sound to influence my mood when viewing
  • I couldn’t fathom when viewing why images were arranged in the order that they were

Overall I would have preferred to view the images in a gallery where I would have had more control over my experience, though I guess in the absence of being able to visit an exhibition the slideshow may be useful.


Adams, A. (2012) Looking at the Land — 21st Century American Views. At: (Accessed on 26 November 2019)

Alexander, J. (2013) Photography 2: Landscape. Barnsley. Open College of the Arts

Looking at the Land From the Comfort of Home (2019) In: Time At: (Accessed on 26 November 2019)