Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment Six Transitions 

For this exercise you’ll begin working on Assignment Six: Transitions. To get started with this assignment you’ll need to choose a location or specific view that you’ll revisit throughout the duration of this course. Choose somewhere that is easily accessible and practical within the confines of the assignment brief. If you decide to revisit a very particular view, then this activity will test your skills of pre-visualisation. You’ll need to try to imagine how the view might look throughout the year under different weather and lighting conditions, and whether there are any other factors that will affect your camera’s view. You may of course try a few different angles or vantage points but in any case pay very close attention to how you compose the frame, as you’ll need
to ‘commit’ to this for the duration of the course. You’re strongly recommended to consider shooting a back-up location (at least in the early stages of this project) so that you have a ‘plan B’ in case anything hinders the development of your project.
Document your work within your learning log. 

I’ve now decided on my location and and a back up for assignment 6. I am drawn to the landscape of the tatty British Legion Club nearby and am interested to observe how that evolves over time. It sits by fields with some trees/hedges behind and to the side of it so it has the dimension of some natural vegetation as well as being a man made structure. It will be interesting to see not only the effects of the seasons/weather/time of day on the building in its environment, but also to observe how the smaller details change over the period.


As a backup I am also photographing a spot in the woods I regularly run by. It is a completely natural habitat but I have observed the changes in the landscape here throughout the year already first hand, in particular its tendency to transform into a pond through the winter and spring so it could be an interesting landscape to record.