Nicola South         Student number: 514516


TUTOR REPORT: OCA South 2Land06 19 Dec 19 (1)

This video feedback followed on closely from my feedback for assignment 5. We spent a little time discussing my final sequencing for assignment 5 and my ideas for representing the work in grid presentation.

Actions following the feedback for assignments 6:

  • I have re-sequenced assignment 6. My tutor suggested that I swap transitions #3 and #5. I have learnt now that whilst my sequencing decisions have been made with the knowledge of my intention and the history of the photographing, that when my tutor and viewers look at my work they do not have this inside knowledge and will therefore process a series in a different way to myself.

I took my tutor’s suggestion for the re-sequencing but then played around with many other permutations, but trying to look visually at the progression as she has taught me to. My draft submission was sequenced by interspersing the images of two different log ends sandwiched between longer focal distance location shots of them. However my tutor encouraged me see that this was irrelevant; I have now sequenced the images for my submission as a visual progression in the weathering and vegetation apparent on the log ends.

  • I have also printed the images as my tutor suggested as A5 images on A4 paper; I did this to experiment but I do believe it is more effective. I also recognise that as these are effectively sketch rather than finished quality images, especially Transition 2,  it doesn’t show case them at a size that they are not of the quality for.
  • I also realised when discussing the series with my tutor that I hadn’t put on my blog the research that I’d done on trees and woods whilst shooting assignment 6. Much of this is hard to capture at the end of the period as a lot of it was done in conjunction with research for other landscape assignments, however I have now recorded some of it on my blog, most especially an inspiring Television documentary “Judi Dench: My Passion for trees” (BBC, 2017) and my reading of the book “ The hidden life of trees” (Wohlleben and Billinghurst, 2016), see post:


BBC (2017) Judi Dench: My passion for Trees Directed by Harvey Lilley. United Kingdom: BBC. At: (Accessed 01/03/2019).

Wohlleben, P. and Billinghurst, J. (2016). The hidden life of trees. Vancouver: Greystone books.


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