Nicola South         Student number: 514516


Artist statement

These images are the preliminary sketches for a body of work that I am still developing. I have already spent over a year observing and photographing this landscape of two fallen trees, and yet it has only been the beginning of a journey of understanding, both of my photographic practice and of the nature of the place. It was only at the end of my time on this project that I realised the direction that I should take. The finished work will express my response to transitions within a dynamic landscape.



Transition #1


Transition #2


Transition #3


Transition #4


Transition #5


Transition #6


Transition #7


GALLERY PLAN: The series should be presented horizontally and lineally.


I have photographed this place for over fourteen months yet at the beginning though I thought I knew where I was going, I discovered that I didn’t…it was just the beginning of a journey. I photographed this small space in the woods focusing at first on the space around a couple of large fallen trees; however my attention was soon also drawn to a discarded pallet, which I also recorded changing as it deteriorated. I thought at this point that I would probably present the changing landscape with the pallet running through a series possibly interspersed with other landscape shots.

I grew to really enjoy my time observing and recording the changes I found in this landscape; as time progressed I photographed more intuitively, shooting whatever caught my interest, as well as the pallet.  At the point I had to form this transition series I reviewed my images and found that though I could form a series based on the pallet to show transitions in the landscape there were others that were more effective. I realised then how much my photography had developed over this period: my technique, my eye and my creativity. At this point I was torn between presenting my early intention to represent the evolving landscape through the pallet, or through the changes that I’d captured at the ends of the sawn tree trunks. Ultimately I decided that although I only had a small collection of images of the later, these were what now most interested me and I had enough to begin work with. This shift in my focus is my response to my now sharper observational skills, improved technical skills and in particular to a stronger sense of what I want to share with my photography. The change in my intention now also illustrates a growing oneness with this space and a better understanding of this landscape is evolving over time; my view of landscape is both broader and more intense than it was at the beginning of this course.

The series I am presenting here is a beginning, not a conclusion. These images are precursors, preliminary sketches, which I will now develop into to a body of work to communicate just how dynamic a landscape is.

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