Nicola South      Student number: 514516


TUTOR REPORT:OCA South feedback ass 4 critical review

I enjoyed the video feedback session which led from assignment 4 critical review to my ideas for assignment 5 and my progress on assignment 6.

Reflections on tutor feedback:

  • I was pleased that it was recognised that I’d used a breadth of sources to structure my argument as I did spend a lot of time researching and immersing myself in the subject.
  • I was pleased that I had chosen what I thought might be a challenging subject as by doing this I have learnt and gained confidence about the work of these practitioners.
  • I explored with my tutor whether it was okay, as I had, to conclude that I didn’t completely “get” the work of a renowned photographer; it was good to have it underlined that its okay to have an personal emotional response to art and be honest about my opinion. I was also introduced to the word “slippage” a post-modern term.

Following the feedback session I made the following action points:

  • Check requirements for the submission of essays should it be double spaced?
  • Change one sentence in the essay highlighted by my tutor, which I can see is rather clumsy and lacks clarity.
  • Re reread my essay before my submission.
  • Follow up my interest in Minor White and his contemporaries by researching contemporary photographers that they have influenced.
  • Remember to write in my journal frequently in real time.
  • Continue to have the confidence to express my opinions and carry out my own ideas.