I made these notes primarily using the source: Creative landscapes. (Davies, 2011)

1)Pre visualise

2) Thinking in B&W, look for:

  • Contrasts
  • Edges/lines between the black and the White, position camera to emphasis
  • Strong interesting shadows
  • Monotonic compositions
  • Extremes between brightness and shadow in a subject/Positive and negative spaces
  • Landscapes with texture
  • Avoid landscapes with saturated colours
  • Compositions that take advantage of bold shapes
  • Drama in the interplay between light and dark areas

3) Shooting:

  • Frame forcefully
  • Frames within frames
  • Keep mid tones averaged, may need to under expose or over expose

4) Processing

  • Raw capture processed for colour in lightroom then converted to colour in lightroom p82- 91
  • Use exposure gradients and adjustments , the graduated filter tool


Davis, H. (2011). Creative landscapes. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.

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