So I’ve read the introductory part of the course book and the overviews of the course and started thinking about the location of my transitions project for assignment 6 might be (more later). I’ve also set up my Landscape blog and cleared space on my computer and backed up so that I’m ready to start working. I’ve also ordered some books and started reading Jesse Alexander’s Perspective on place.

Today I had my introductory video meeting with my new Tutor.

She set out her thoughts on the course and how the work might be approached. I was pleased to it have confirmed that this landscape course is not traditional and that we are encouraged towards our own ways of seeing and presenting landscape. Andrea said it’s all about taking risks.

It’s fortunate that yesterday I bought a photographic printer as my tutor also underlined the importance of experimenting with printing (size, paper, settings) as well as photographing and that I should do this throughout the course before submitting to formal assessment at the end.

She set out the importance of keeping a journal, so that I’m not only reflecting backwards but thinking forwards and so that even “dead ends” are captured.

I asked about the transition project and she confirmed that it does not have to be the same view/perspective throughout, it’s about recording changes and indeed that when you continually return to a place each time you usually see and focus on something different. This really interests me.

So I’m feeling fired up now and good to go!

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